Masterstudiengang "Drug Regulatory Affairs"


Elektronisches Rezept und elektronischer Gesundheitspass im Rahmen von Telematikentwicklungen in Gesundheitswesen

Gerd Dievenich (Abschlußjahr: 2002)

In both the fast-changing healthcare system environment and the IT field there is an increasing demand to use the possibilities offered by new technologies to create synergies for all the players in the healthcare environment as well as for the patients. Health telematics (e-Health) is the new term for the application of telecommunications and informatics in healthcare. e-Health has the potential to become one of the key elements of future-proof medical care. After having successfully implemented the German health insurance card in the early nineties, the time has now come to look for new opportunities. e-Prescription seems to be the most favoured option to make a contribution to the establishment of a telematics platform in Germany. Several different concepts are being discussed: the prescription either added as a barcode on the normal paper form, or as a paper ticket to get access to the prescription on a server, or a patient healthcard (PDC) enabling access to the server or finally storage of the prescription exclusively on the patient healthcard.

Another option would be a stand-alone healthcard carrying a database containing all information about the medicinal products that the patient has been prescribed by different doctors or that he has bought as OTC. This healthcard could also include information about chronic diseases, vaccination status, x-rays etc.

Significant financial benefits could be derived for health insurance companies if the current German healthcard (Krankenversicherungskarte) was to be reissued with expanded possibilities. The electronic administration of the patient's own contribution that is applicable for all members of non-private insurance companies would save up to 250 million Euro p.a. This new generation of e-healthcards including the healthcard for professionals (HPC) is discussed within the frame of the general tendency towards telematics in Germany and Europe.

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